Comment by Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets on the National Day for Protection of Children
As children are usually unable to stand up for their rights and interests, they need the help and protection of adults both on the domestic and international level. It is up to the adults to ensure that children are provided for and guarantee the best conditions for every child to have a safe and happy childhood that contributes to their development.

The protection of the rights of children is central to Estonia’s human rights diplomacy. Estonia advocates for the availability of education, banning physical abuse, as well as for digital security and the protection of children in armed conflict. It is this latter widespread problem of children being the group worst affected by armed conflict that we highlighted during our elected membership in the UN Security Council in 2020-2021.
Since Russia launched its wide-scale war against Ukraine and its people, around 40 000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Estonia, and most of them are women and children. They have been given access to Estonia’s education and healthcare system, including online learning and mental health support. The Estonian state has made efforts to make sure the children who came to Estonia to escape the war do not have to interrupt or pause their education this year. Children in the final year of school can take their exams so that their academic year does not go to waste. In our assistance projects aimed at Ukraine, we are looking for ways of alleviating the pain caused by the war to women and children. Estonia has also been cooperating with the UN Children’s Fund for years to help children across the world.