From today, students from Ukraine can apply to start studying at the Freedom School. The school accepts up to 800 students from 7 to 12. class and admission documents can be submitted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the school counseling room at Tõnismägi 14.

Liina Põld, Undersecretary of General Education and Youth Policy of the Ministry of Education and Research, said that the capital already has a very heavy burden on students to find school places, and today there are almost a few thousand children in Tallinn who have not yet reached educational institutions. “In agreement with Tallinn, we will create a separate study place for Ukrainian children, where we are waiting for 7-12. class students. Freedom School 7-9. 300 places for students in the classroom should cover half of the need for places in the city of Tallinn, ”explains Põld, adding:“ All Ukrainian children should have the opportunity to join a school that speaks Estonian or uses immersion methods. ”

According to Olga Selištševa, the study director of the Freedom School, the main goal of the school is to provide a school place in an Estonian-language school for those young Ukrainian war refugees who do not yet have a school place in Tallinn. “The School of Freedom supports the integration of Ukrainian youth into Estonian society and at the same time enables them to preserve their national identity. Our school has a safe learning environment that supports the development of each student, ”said Selisheva.

Submission of documents to the school will start on June 1 in the school counseling room at Tõnismägi 14, Tallinn. The counseling room is open and documents can be submitted in June as follows:

  • 06 must 10-18
  • 8.06 must 10-18
  • 15.06 must 10-18
  • 22.06 must 10-18
  • 29.06 must 10-18

Admission hours for July will be published on the school's website no later than June 22.

When submitting an application for admission to a school, the following must be taken with you if the documents are available:

- a document certifying the receipt of temporary protection;
- an identity document for a child or young person;
- identity document of the parent / guardian if the entrant is a minor;
- a class certificate for a child or young person;
- a document certifying the acquisition of basic education of a child or young person, if basic education has been acquired;
- an extract from the child's or young person's health record.

The counseling room also provides information on other learning opportunities in pre-primary, general and vocational education and offers support to young people in making career choices.

For questions related to school admission, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. On Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 1 pm to 5 pm, it is possible to call the counseling room at 735 0575.

The Freedom School for Ukrainian war refugees will start operating in Tallinn this September. According to the Estonian state curriculum, at least 60% of the teaching in the school is conducted in Estonian according to the Estonian national curriculum.