Academic work is done at universities and other institutions of higher education, at state-supervised research centres and institutes, and at private research and development institutions. Cooperation with other research institutions worldwide is also important. Higher-level research and development activities are supported by the state. In order to receive the benefit for research and education activities, the institution must have a positive evaluation in at least one area of activity.

Estonian Academy of Sciences

The Estonian Academy of Sciences is an association of scientists, scholars and researchers charged with the function of developing and representing Estonian science and research and to continue to the implementation of scientific results in the interests of improving the general quality of life. The Academy gives independent professional recommendations and expert evaluations, take part in drafting legal acts pertaining to research and development and coordinates research-related cooperation both within Estonia and internationally.

Estonian Research Council

The Estonian Research Council (ETAg) is a foundation governed by the Ministry of Education and Research that was established in the public interests for supporting the execution of national science policy. The Research Council acts as a partner for scientists, research and educational institutions, entrepreneurs and the state.

Estonian Research Information System

The Estonian Research Information System (ETIS) is a storehouse of information regarding research and development institutions, scientists, scientific projects and the results of various research activities. ETIS is simultaneously an environment for submitting various applications and for reviewing submitted applications as well as for approval of applications and projects.

International research cooperation

International research-related cooperation is coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Research solely at the national level. The result is international research and development related cooperation agreements. At the level of establishments and researchers, international research cooperation is coordinated by the Estonian Academic Foreign Exchange Fund, which operates at the Estonian Academy of Sciences. It is possible to finance international research cooperation both in the framework of targeted financing for specific research topics and the Estonian Science Foundation’s research grants. The Estonian Research Council represents Estonia in international organisations, coordinates participation in cooperation programmes, and supports international cooperation through counselling as well as financing.

EURAXESS Estonia Network

EURAXESS is a platform for researchers, entrepreneurs, universities, and businesses to interact with each other. The EURAXESS Estonia Network provides information and support to mobile researchers (incl PhD students) and their family members on relocating to Estonia and from Estonia.

EURAXESS portal has practical information on professional and daily life in Estonia, job and funding opportunities. All EURAXESS services are are free of charge.