The Minister of Education and Research Tõnis Lukas emphasized the importance of ensuring teachers' satisfaction in his speech to the teaching staff at the Education Meeting. The minister encouraged teachers to stand up for their dignity and expressed the opinion that the average salary of a teacher with a master's degree should correspond to 120% of the average salary in Estonia.

"If society wants big changes, such as the transfer of all schools to the Estonian language of instruction, then these changes will be ensured by a satisfied teacher. A teacher's salary must be motivating for both current and new teachers," said Lukas.

According to the minister, at the same time, the workload of teachers must be monitored so that the salary increase is real, not apparent. "If we talk about teachers' salaries without talking about teachers' workload, it's like cheating with wooden eggs," stated the minister.

The Educational Meeting "Valuing Ourselves" held on August 18 on Paide Vallimäe drew attention to teachers' self-valuation and salary and working conditions.