On 12 October, for the fourth time, the nationwide adult learning event "Lesson 2022" will take place to celebrate and promote participation in lifelong learning. "Learning 2022" is the opening event of Adult Learners' Week (ALW).

"On this day, we are inviting all adults, wherever they are, to learn something new for one hour. You can learn on your own, with friends, colleagues or with your community. Let new knowledge and inspiration into your life, because learning makes you happy!" promised Monica Marfeldt, ETKA Andras project coordinator.

You can register for the workshop on the Andras website. Registered learners will be displayed on an interactive map of Estonia, showing where in Estonia and what new knowledge and skills adults will acquire on 12 October.

"This year we are celebrating the Year of Libraries, and to mark the occasion, 57 libraries will be hosting the lessons, which anyone can join," said Liina Valdre, Project Manager of the Year of Libraries.

On 12 October, anyone interested will be able to take part in a public workshop via the Postimehe education portal, where trainer Kristel Jalak will talk about "How adults learn and how learning helps them adapt to a changing environment".

More information on the open workshops can be found on the map application on the Andras website.
The traditional Adult Learners' Week, which will be opened by the "Lessons 2022" event, will take place for the 25th time this year. Running from 12 to 23 October, the EYL will see numerous activities popularising adult education and introducing learning opportunities in different parts of Estonia. The event celebrates participation in lifelong learning and recognises people's learning achievements and learning activities in local communities.

The workshop and the LLL are organised by Andras, the Estonian Association of Adult Educators, and the Ministry of Education and Research. The aim of the event is to raise awareness of lifelong learning opportunities in Estonia and to motivate people to improve their skills.

The workshop is being organised with the support of the European Social Fund project "Promoting adult learning and widening learning opportunities".

The "Study Hour 2022" is part of the Year of Libraries programme and an overview of all the events of the Year can be found at www.raamatukogudeaasta.ee.