Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (UNISSA) has successfully published 28 books in various fields written by several authors launched in conjunction with UNISSA's 12th Mahrajan Hafl Al- Takharruj this year. The launch was completed by His Royal Highness the Young Prince of Pengiran (Dr) Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah Ibni Kebawah His Royal Highness the Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah, Senior Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Pro Chancellor Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University and subsequently agreed to launch the Open Journal System (OJS) for six (6) UNISSA journals.

A total of twelve (12) books in Malay, eight (8) in English and four (4) in Arabic. In addition, a total of six (6) journals have been published.

In the internationalization effort, UNISSA has implemented a number of collaborations in publishing, namely joint publishing with overseas university publishers including IIUM Press, Malaysia; UUM Press, Malaysia; USIM Press, Malaysia and Airlangga University Press, Indonesia. At this year's launch, four (4) book titles were co-published with IIUM Press, six (6) book titles were co-published with UUM Press, and one (1) book title was co-published with USIM Press. Meanwhile, one (1) book title is a joint publication with Airlangga University Press, Indonesia.

The books published by UNISSA Press this year cover various fields including sharia, law, halal, Islamic education and Islamic management.

Books that attract attention include:

The book titled "HALAL GUIDE AND ANIMAL SLAUGHTER 19TH CENTURY AD: Study and Editing of the Book of Qunū' liman Ta'aṭṭafa by Sheikh 'Abbas Kuta Karang al-Āshī", this book published jointly by UNISSA Press and USIM Press is the result of Muhammad Mustaqim bin Mohd Zarif, Azme Matali, Mohd Anuar bin Mamat and Abdurrahman Raden Aji Haqqi. Kitab Qunū' liman Ta'aṭṭafa (QLT) written by Syeikh 'Abbas Kuta Karang is a unique work on the halal-haram guide and slaughtering in the Malay world in the century 19 Still. Despite its influence on Malay-speaking Muslims at that time, the book produced in Mecca by the famous Acehnese scholar can be considered a rarity, having never been published and only existing in manuscript form today. Therefore, this book was produced specifically to introduce and re-promote this important work in the community. In addition to editing and presenting the QLT text based on several relevant manuscripts, this book also contains a study on this book and its author that includes aspects of history and jurisprudence. The text, which is written in a language style that is simplified for today's society, is suitable to be read and used by anyone who is interested in delving into the treasures of the Islamic knowledge heritage of the Malay scholars of the past.

The book "ASTRONOMY OBSERVATORY: RESPECTING THE REVELATION OF STRENGTHENING CIVILIZATION", edited by Ibnor Azli Ibrahim and Mohd Hafiz Safiai, is one of the books jointly published by UNISSA Press and UUM Press. This book contains 13 chapters related to the development and role of observatories covering the following debate topics: observatories in the folds of Islamic history; the emergence of astrofiqh observatories and devotional services to Islam; Al-Biruni Observatory: pearl of Sabah astronomy; Malacca State Al-Khawarizmi Observatory evidence of the development of astronomy in Malaysia; astronomical observatory as an economic generator; the role of modern observatories today; diversity of programs at the observatory: “astronomy for all”; human capital challenges in astronomical observatories in Malaysia; the contribution of amateur astronomical observatories in interpreting the relationship between man and space; the need for a topographic study of rukyat al-hilal in the construction of the Indonesian Observatory; historical description and scientific prospectus kaleidoscope observatory Imah Noong Indonesia; and Astronomy Observatory of the University of Muhammadiyah North Sumatra (OIF UMSU) and its contribution to dawn research. This book is expected to invigorate the spirit of researchers in improving the progress of astronomical science, thus becoming a vehicle for dignifying the culture of astronomical science research in the eyes of the world.

"STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: THE ANALYSIS OF SERVICE-BASED MSMES IN BRUNEI DARUSSALAM", by Chin Han Wuen and Fahmi Ibrahim aims to address the knowledge gap found in the context of strategic management and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). In particular, this research book incorporated the statistical analysis to discuss the relationship between strategic human resource management, organizational learning, competitive strategy and the organizational performance of service-based MSMEs in Brunei Darussalam. Drawing from the key statistical findings and analysis, this research book provides the necessary implications and benefits for practitioners in similar MSMEs environment as well as to provide theoretical contributions to the body of knowledge under strategic management, within the MSMEs context. The book entitled 'Strategic Management Practices: The Analysis of Service-Based MSMEs in Brunei Darussalam' is an ideal and valuable resource for undergraduate and graduate courses and for all those with an interest in business strategy, human resource and organizational studies.

The book "INTRODUCTION TO 21ST CENTURY SKILLS IN ISLAMIC EDUCATION", written by Norkhairiah Hashim, provides an introduction to 21st Century Skills as a demand in today's education era. The author also shared the importance of 21st century skills, especially in Islamic Education. There are seven dimensions of 21st century skills that the author describes in this book, including communication skills, collaboration skills, self-regulation skills, information and communication technology skills, problem solving and innovation skills, knowledge construction skills and life and career skills. The importance of 21st century skills in Islamic education is touched upon in this writing by relating the goals and direction of Islamic education in line with the philosophy of Islamic education. This book also expresses some theories from Islamic figures about teaching and learning and relates the relevance of the theory to the application of 21st century skills in Islamic education. This book is suitable as a reference and guide for teachers or educators in the field of Islamic education or non-Islamic education. In short, this book is also loaded with several strategies, approaches and methods that are suitable to be applied in teaching and learning. In the context of Brunei Darussalam, this 21st century skills introduction book also shares the implementation of 21st century skills in the country's 21st century education system (SPN 21) and its alignment towards the country's vision of 2035, which is towards producing educated and skilled citizens.

The book "THE PAINTING LINK OF BRUNEI DARUSSALAM AND MALAY ISLAMIC KINGDOM", written by Baharudin Mohd Arus and Nur Rita Abdul Ranime, discusses the importance of local art that functions as an element of education for the community, especially related to getting to know and deeply understand the concept of Malay Islamic Kingship (MIB). as Rukun Negara Brunei Darussalam. Through the works of art produced by local painters selected in this book, it is possible to explain how the concept of Malay Islam Beraja is digested through visual art by local painters.

One of the requirements in the publication of a scientific journal today is to publish it in a version and format that can be easily reached by researchers in the field of the journal. Printed journals are no longer relevant in today's reality when the development of knowledge is moving rapidly. Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) has transformed the publication of its scholarly journals to make this university, the journal, its authors and papers visible, stand out and be able to push towards increasing the value of its impact with the launch of OJS (Open Journal Systems) in the publication of journals at UNISSA.

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