Estonia is one of the countries that, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Examination Center, organized an entrance test for Ukrainian universities to support the continuation of the educational path of Ukrainian youth. The tests took place on the 25th-29th. in July at Tallinn Service School and Tartu Applied College. A total of 300 students registered for the undergraduate test. Kai Treieri, chief expert of the Ministry of Education and Researchaccording to Ukraine asked European countries to organize an entrance test for Ukrainian higher education institutions for young people who left their homeland. "This opportunity is offered by 23 countries, where a total of nearly 25 thousand interested people have registered for the test to enter bachelor's studies. While 300 young people signed up for the test in Estonia, 230 young people are taking part in Latvia and 450 in Lithuania. Poland (7,900) and Germany (6,500) have registered the most for the test. In addition to the bachelor's entrance tests held in Tallinn and Tartu at the end of July, those interested in Estonia can also take the test at additional times in August or September," said Treier and thanked the vocational education institutions with whom the cooperation in conducting the tests has been very good and smooth.

The most Ukrainian test-takers were in the Tallinn School of Service, where some students had also come from Finland. According to Meeli Kaldma , director of the Tallinn School of Service , they did everything they could so that young people who fled the war could concentrate in a peaceful atmosphere. "Within 120 minutes, you had to solve a complex test that measured knowledge in mathematics, history and the Ukrainian language. The students had registered for the test through the Ukrainian Examination Center, and from there the exact technical requirements for the organizers in terms of computers, rooms and support staff came from there. Since most of the students were 17 years old, they also needed some guidance, and the students were supported by specialists from Ukraine working at the school," said Kaldma. Helerin Võso

, representative of Tartu Applied Collegeacknowledges that the test went well and they were also helped by the Ukrainian-speaking support staff, and the young people of Ukraine were very grateful that the Estonian state offered the opportunity to take the entrance test in both Tallinn and Tartu. "After the test, the participants found out their score, but the information about whether they will get into the desired majors at universities will come to the student later. We also distributed information materials to young people on the spot about learning opportunities in Estonian higher education institutions and vocational training institutions, where it is a good opportunity to adapt for a year and learn the Estonian language, for example, as part of the vocational selection curriculum," explained Võso.

In Estonia, the Ministry of Education and Science coordinates the conduct of entrance tests for Ukrainian universities in cooperation with the vocational education institutions that organize the tests. The Ukrainian examination center handled the distribution of information to the students and the registration for the test. The countries conducting the tests must ensure the technical organization of the exam, computer classes and the corresponding personnel, whose training was also organized by the Ukrainian exam center.