On January 25, 2023, as part of the project "Stairway to Excellence: Strengthening an Effective and Reliable Higher Education System in Ukraine", a delegation from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and higher education institutions led by State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science Serhiy Zakharin visited Tallinn University of Technology, which is one of the most famous and largest universities in Estonia.

The institution employs more than 2 thousand people, including 1.2 thousand teachers and researchers, and has 9 thousand students.

During a meeting with Tiita Landa, Rector of Tallinn University of Technology, and Hanno Tomberg, Director of the Open University Department of Tallinn University of Technology, State Secretary of MES Serhiy Zakharin thanked for all the measures taken by the university leadership to help Ukrainian students, teachers and researchers. In particular, for the abolition of tuition fees for Ukrainian students, the opportunity to receive scholarships, assistance with accommodation and psychological support, etc.

"These measures are extremely important and vivid indicators of support for the Estonian educational and scientific community, the unity of our basic values, and loyalty to universal principles and norms. We highly appreciate that Tallinn University of Technology will continue to support Ukrainian students," said Serhii Zakharin.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science also told the Estonian educators that one of the main tasks of the Ministry and a number of state bodies of Ukraine is to create safe conditions for all participants in the educational process.

"The team of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has developed the Concept of Security of Educational Institutions. Also, for the first time, the State Budget of Ukraine for 2023 provides UAH 1.5 billion for the arrangement of safe conditions in schools. Our goal is to work together to achieve 100% provision of schools and kindergartens with shelters so that children can receive educational services in a traditional format," the State Secretary said.

Representatives of the universities agreed to organize joint events to participate in bilateral and multilateral research projects, introduce joint educational programs, and exchange experience.

The delegation of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ukrainian HEI also visited Narva College of the University of Tartu, which is the main center of higher education in Northeastern Estonia with a focus on teacher training for multilingual schools.

To recap, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education and Science and the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Estonia discussed prospects for cooperation in the field of science.

Source: https://mon.gov.ua/ua/news/tallinnskij-tehnologichnij-universitet-prodovzhuvatime-pidtrimuvati-ukrayinskih-studentiv-derzhsekretar-mon-sergij-zaharin