Do you have a manuscript ready for publication? Do you need help in preparing a manuscript?

Scientific Route OÜ publishing house will be happy to help in any question regarding the publication of the monograph!

By publishing a monograph with us, you will receive a number of advantages:

  1. Indexing of the monograph in the Scopus database.
  2. Publication of the monograph in the catalog
  3. Increasing the Hirsch index. Indexing a monograph in Scopus will increase the visibility of your monograph by several times, opening up access to the metadata of your monograph to a multi-million audience around the world. This means a significant increase in the chances of your monograph being actively cited by Scopus users, i.e. an increase in the Hirsch index, and as a result, an increase in your rating as a scientist.
  4. A scientist with Scopus indexed monographs is more likely to receive research grants.
  5. An institution where a scientist works, who has monographs indexed by Scopus, also rises in the ranking of universities, which gives more chances to receive funds from the state or foreign scientific foundations, from grant givers, to replenish or update scientific and technical support, to develop libraries, as well as to publish research at the expense of the institution.
  6. A scientist with a high h-index according to Scopus, as well as systematic scientific works published in the format of monographs indexed by Scopus, are more often invited to speak as an expert or take part in an international project, an article as a top reviewer of a top journal, become a member of the editorial board of a prestigious publication, etc.
  7. The publisher's price reduction policy (, under which individual authors may request a 50% discount. This will greatly reduce the final cost of publishing a monograph.

Scientific Route OÜ invites to the Model of long-term cooperation with the Institution.

If you are an employee of the University, you will be interested in the package offer.

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