The state’s role

According to current legislation, the primary tasks of the state in the area of learning materials are as follows:

  • To ensure the availability of educational literature in schools. The textbooks and exercise books necessary to pass the school’s curriculum must be provided for students in basic school. A student acquiring general education must be provided at minimum with the necessary textbooks to pass the school’s curriculum.

  • To set requirements on educational literature in order to ensure compatibility with the national curriculum. To offer public information through the educational literature registry.

  • To develop and provide learning materials for students with special educational needs.


Most important legal acts

The educational literature regulation : requirements for educational literature, evaluation of educational literature and minimum requirements for evaluators and the minimal amount of educational literature provided by the state categorised by grade and subject.

Also important are the regulations in the Basic and High School Education Act  that deal with educational literature and the state’s role in the area of study materials.

Creating and disseminating digital learning materials

The E-Koolikott  ("E-Schoolbag") is a page for finding, creating and publishing digital learning materials. The E-Koolikott contains study materials for preschools, general education schools and vocational schools. There are also study materials to diversify avocational education and youth work. E-koolikott is intended for free use.

The Sisuloome  (“content creation”) page can be used to create content for digitally interactive study materials. Teachers can use the H5P templates there to create, share and reuse learning resources.