PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER announces a set of materials for collective monographs!

The monograph will:

- indexed by SCOPUS;

- have a registered ISBN, DOI;

- published under the brand name PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER;

- published until 31.12.2022, subject to submission of applications until 01.10.2022.


Application deadlines and details can be found here.

The monograph consists of 5–6 chapters, each of which may have its own group of authors.

The volume of materials for each chapter is 30-40 pages (single or co-authored, up to 6 authors). The authors receive an electronic version of the monograph. If the authors wish, a printed version of the monograph is possible.

Important! Copyright remains with the authors.

Scientific direction of monographs:

  • economic sciences;
  • juridical sciences;
  • medical sciences;
  • other areas (biological, agricultural sciences)
  • pedagogical sciences;
  • technical sciences;

Registration requirements can be found here.

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