A scholar's prestige is measured not only by outstanding ideas, excellent research results, but also by how much his work is recognised outside his university, his country and even his industry. It is therefore advisable to promote your work. For example, with the help of a resource with the symbolic name Kudos.

 Kudos is an online platform focused on helping you make your research more accessible to the public. Kudos lets you track the impact of your efforts on how often your paper is shared, how often it is viewed on Kudos, and its Altmetric score. If the publisher of your paper allows it, Kudos can also show you the number of times the full text of your paper has been downloaded. The service attracts about 1,000 new users every week and more than 300,000 publications have been claimed on Kudos.

Kudos allows you to create a profile page for each of your papers. One of the first things required for the profile of your paper is a summary of the most important findings in your work along with a simplified title. This makes your work easier to understand for both colleagues and members of the public. It also means that your academic paper will appear in general internet searches, which allows it to have potentially more impact. Kudos lets you enrich your work – you can add to the paper’s profile any presentations, blog posts, videos, or podcasts associated with the paper, for instance. Kudos generates a unique link to each paper’s page that allows you to track what happens after you’ve shared it via social media or email. Papers shared and explained using the Kudos platform have a 19 % higher download rate than papers that were not enriched using this service.

Source: https://entc.com.ua/en/1226-promoting-their-research-kudos

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