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Collective monographs with Scopus indexing in the field of technical sciences are being prepared for publication.

Topics covered:

1. Field development: ways to rationalize
2. Drilling technologies: concepts for improving efficiency
3. Metalworking systems: design and technological innovations
4. Cutting tool: ways to improve tool life
5. Mechanized complexes of agriculture: conceptual solutions
6. Aviation facilities: views on reengineering technologies
7. Quality of printing products: control and management
8. Control systems for energy facilities
9. Image recognition: efficiency of systems, tools, algorithms
10. Traffic safety management: directions and conceptual solutions

11. Multimodal transportation: models and planning principles
12. Logistics systems: technological and economic aspects of efficiency
13. Project management: industry specifics
14. Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials: applied potential
15. Corrosion of materials: ways to slow down
16. Modern functional coatings
17. Catalysts: synthesis and application features
18. Perspective ceramics
19. Concrete: ways to improve properties
20. Mechanics of materials in objects of industrial application
21. Alternative energy sources: design and technological solutions
22. Drying processes: approaches to improve efficiency
23. Wastewater treatment: innovative technological solutions
24. Structural materials: manufacture, properties, conditions of use
25. Food production: innovative technological solutions



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