СагаловичImproving the performance, reliability and service life of aviation technology products based on the innovative vacuum-plasma nanotechnologies for application of avinit functional coatings and surfaces modification

General editorship: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vlad Sagalovych

Authors: © V. Popov, A. Sagalovych, V. Sagalovych. 2020

ISBN 978-9916-9516-0-6 (Hardback)
ISBN 978-9916-9516-1-3 (eBook)

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Publisher: Scientific Route OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia
Year: 2020
Number of pages: 102
DOI: https://doi.org/10.21303/978-9916-9516-1-3 


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The methods of creating the advanced nanomaterials and nanotechnolo-gies of functional multicomponent coatings Avinit (mono- and multilayer, nano-structured, gradient) to improve the performance of materials, components and parts of aerotechnical purposes are considered.

The vacuum-plasma nanotechnologies Avinit were developed based on the use of gas-phase and plasma-chemical processes of atomic-ionic surface modifi-cation and the formation of nanolayer coatings in the environment of nonsteady low-temperature plasma.

Considerable attention is paid to the equipment for application of functio-nal multilayer composite coatings: an experimental-technological vacuum-plas-ma automated cluster Avinit, which allows to implement complex methods of coating (plasma-chemical CVD, vacuum-plasma PVD (vacuum-arched, magne-tron), processes of ionic saturation and ionic surface treatment, combined in one technological cycle.

The information about the structure and service characteristics of Avinit coatings has a large place.

The results of metallographic, metallophysical, tribological investigations of properties of the created coatings and linking of their characteristics with pa-rameters of sedimentation process are described. The possibilities of parameters processes regulation for the purpose of reception of functional materials with the set of physicochemical, mechanical complex and other properties are considered.

The issues of development of experimental-industrial technologies Avinit and industrial implementation of the developed technological processes to increase of operational characteristics of aerotechnical products are addressed in detail.

Attention is paid to the development prospects of vacuum-plasma nano-technologies Avinit and expansion of these methods applications in mechanical engineering, aviation, power-plant industry, space industry and other fields of science and technology.

The book is aimed at specialists working in the field of ion-plasma surface modification of materials and functional coatings application.

Keywords: CVD and PVD vacuum plasma processes, characteristics of functional coatings Avinit, ion-plasma diffusion surfaces modification, development of nanotechnologies Avinit.


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  • Introduction
  • Avinit equipment designed for multilayer functional coatings
    • Process units
      • Sources of energizing the ’Avinit’ installation
      • Modified elements of arcing
      • Separation system unit for deposition of coatings on precision surfaces 
      • Arc suppression unit
      • Plasma diagnostics
      • Automated system cluster Avinit
    • Functional units
      • Avinit C unit for deposition of hard and superhard multilayer and nanolayer functional coatings 10
      • Avinit V unit for gas-phase (CVD) and plasma- chemical (PECVD) coating methods on parts internal and external surfaces
  • Avinit M unit for magnetron sputter coating
  • Avinit N unit for ion-plasma surface modification
  • Avinit E  unit  for  ion  etching   and   purification processes  
  • Avinit T unit for thermal and thermochemical

treatment and diffusion welding processes

  • Avinit S unit to carry out electron-beam coating processes  
  • Experimental research and technological developments of the Avinit processes
  • The study of the structure and tribological properties

of Avinit coatings

  • Avinit С coating (on nitride based)
  • Avinit D coating (on carbide based)
  • Avinit V coating properties
  • Antifriction coatings based on molybdenum disulfide
  • Study of coatings friction and wear characteristics
  • Features of Avinit coatings
  • Application of Avinit nanocoatings to enhance performance characteristics of parts produced by unit- and engine-engineering industries
  • Deposition of metal and metal-carbide coatings

via CVD method on aviation units parts

  • Plasma precision nitriding of Avinit N steels and alloys
  • Antifriction coatings based on molybdenum disulfide

with respect to unit and engine parts building

  • Nanocomposite functional Avinit coatings in transport engineering    
  • Application of ion-plasma methods for obtaining

solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)

  • Introduction of developed Avinit technologies into serial production
  • Industrial technologies for deposition of hard and

super-hard Avinit monolayers

  • Avinit N Series Plasma Precision Nitriding

Industrial technologies of thermal-vacuum treatment and diffusion welding


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License  

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