National brand of UkraineNational Brand of Ukraine

General editorship: Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor A. Mazaraki

Authors: © A. Mazaraki, S. Melnychenko, T. Melnyk, T. Tkachenko, A. Hladkyi, S. Bai, G. Piatnytska,
O. Avdan, O. Hryhorenko, T. Dupliak, J. Zabaldina, K. Kandahura, L. Lukashova, A. Prysiazhnyuk,
A. Varibrusova. 2018

ISBN 978-9949-7316-4-0 (Hardback)
ISBN 978-9949-7316-5-7 (eBook)

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Publisher: Scientific Route OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia
Year: 2018
Number of pages: 250
DOI: https://doi.org/10.21303/978-9949-7316-5-7

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The monograph is devoted to theoretical, methodological and practical issues of Ukraine’s nation brand formation in the context of global competition. The public administration mechanisms in building the relations of the authorities with the public are considered as one of the components of the process of a nation brand formation.
The methodical approaches to nation brands evaluation are determined. An estimation of Ukraine’s nation brand is made. The results of the analysis of Ukrainian exports dynamics are presented. The national goods export prospects are determined. The preconditions and purpose of Ukraine’s export brand development are defined. The analysis of brand protection policy in Ukraine, including the UATAG Ukrainian startup, which provides an innovative technology for branded goods protecting, is presented.

The actual problems of formation of brand and branding strategies taking into account branch specifics are investigated. Facilitation for small entrepreneurship from the state is revealed due to increase of small businesses potential, their innovative activity, social responsibility to society, efficiency and effectiveness of their economic activity, which is the key to improving the macroeconomic situation in the country and one of the conditions for successful nation brand building.
The monograph is intended for scientists, teachers, managers and specialists of enterprises and organizations, representatives of state authorities, post-graduate students, doctoral students and students of Ukrainian and foreign higher education institutions.

Nation brand, nation branding, export brand, country brand, country branding, place brand, place branding, state brand, state branding, innovation activity, international ranking.


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Chapter 1 Nation brand in the face of global competition 
1.1 Genesis of a nation brand creating as a competitive advantage on global markets 
1.2 Communications in nation brand formation 
1.3 Mechanism of harmonization of "authorities – public – world community" relations 
1.4 International ratings of nation brands 
1.5 Evaluation of Ukraine’s nation brand development 

Chapter 2 Theoretical and methodical principles of nation branding
2.1 Evolution of scientific thought about nation branding
2.2 Variability of methodological approaches to nation brands evaluation 
2.3 State policy in the field of nation branding: international and Ukrainian experience

Chapter 3 Export brand of Ukraine in the nation branding model 
3.1 Export realities and prospects of Ukraine 
3.2 Ukraine’s export brand: approaches to development and a place in international rankings
3.3 The most expensive brands of Ukraine and "Made in Ukraine" brand protection policy 

Chapter 4 Theoretical foundations of brand formation
4.1 Branding in the tourism business
4.2 Brand equity of tourist destinations
4.3 Branding of resort territories
4.4 Brand modeling of tourism enterprises
4.5 Facilitation of small business development in the context of nation brand buildingthe context of nation brand building

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