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Assessment in accountingAssessment in Accounting: Concept and Tools

General editorship: Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor O. Fomina

Authors: © O. Fomina, V. Sopko., O. Zadniprovskyi, O. Kyiashko, M. Muzychuk, O. Hryhorenko, 
I. Martyniv, I. Musteca, O. Moshkovska, T. Lositska, Yu. Manachynska, S. Luchyk, V. Yevdoshchak, 
S. Bai, G. Piatnytska, A. Hats, K. Yatsyshyna. 2018

ISBN 978-9949-7316-2-6 (Hardback)
ISBN 978-9949-7316-3-3 (eBook)



The monograph is devoted to the study of the valuation in accounting (financial, managerial, actuarial) accounting, in the interests of business management and information support for interested parties.

Reliable standing display of all accounting objects is carried out through the mechanisms of evaluation. Modern change of their dominants in the system of  ternational standards consists, in particular, in a gradual transition first to the widespread use of fair value measurement, and then to the mixed assessment model, as well as polyvariability in valuation for financial and management accounting, the use of actuarial mathematics in determining the value business. This requires the development of elements of a particular system, presented in the work.

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National brand of UkraineNational Brand of Ukraine

General editorship: Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor A. Mazaraki

Authors: © A. Mazaraki, S. Melnychenko, T. Melnyk, T. Tkachenko, A. Hladkyi, S. Bai, G. Piatnytska, 
O. Avdan, O. Hryhorenko, T. Dupliak, J. Zabaldina, K. Kandahura, L. Lukashova, 
A. Prysiazhnyuk, A. Varibrusova. 2018

ISBN 978-9949-7316-4-0 (Hardback)
ISBN 978-9949-7316-5-7 (eBook)



The monograph is devoted to theoretical, methodological and practical issues of Ukraine’s nation brand formation in the context of global competition. The public administration mechanisms in building the relations of the authorities with the public are considered as one of the components of the process of a nation brand formation.
The methodical approaches to nation brands evaluation are determined. An estimation of Ukraine’s nation brand is made. The results of the analysis of Ukrainian exports dynamics are presented. The national goods export prospects are determined. The preconditions and purpose of Ukraine’s export brand development are defined. The analysis of brand protection policy in Ukraine, including the UATAG Ukrainian startup, which provides an innovative technology for branded goods protecting, is presented.

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Global determinants of the international movement of production factorsGlobal Determinants of the International Movement of Production Factors: 
Economic-legal and Institutional Context

General editorship: Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor T. Melnyk

Authors: © T. Melnyk, L. Kudyrko, V. Onischenko, Yu. Konrad, L. Samsonova, O. Losheniuk, 
N. Kalyuzhna, T. Lositska, V. Storozhchuk, Yu. Vorobey, K. Kasianok, К. Puhachevska, Yu. Melnyk, 
O. Bakalinska. 2018

ISBN 978-9949-7316-6-4 (Hardback)
ISBN 978-9949-7316-7-1 (eBook)


Scientific research is devoted to current problems of the influence of globalization on changes in the international movement of production factors in the 21st century. Considerable attention is focused on the economic, legal and institutional aspects of the transformation of the international movement of capital and labor in modern conditions, taking into account the need to apply an integrated interdisciplinary approach to identify new phenomena and processes that occur in the global economic environment The state and trends of development in the organization of global production, investment and marketing in the context of destabilizing phenomena in the global economy, the strengthening of non-protectionist appeals in the world avant-garde countries to return production to the national territory and the exacerbation of social and economic problems caused by international migration are revealed.

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Budget policy of social developmentBudget Policy of Social Development

General editorship: Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine I. Chugunov

Authors:  © I. Chugunov, V. Makohon, M. Pasichnyi, A. Nikitishin, I. Adamenko, T. Krykun, T. Kaneva, 
L. Kozarezenko, S. Sobchuk. 2018

ISBN 978-9949-7316-0-2 (Hardback)
ISBN 978-9949-7316-1-9 (eBook)


The monograph is devoted to the development of methodological and institutional framework for the formation of fiscal policy to ensure social development. The essence and role of budget regulation in supporting the processes of endogenous economic growth are revealed. The experience of the implementation of fiscal policy in countries with developed and transformational economies is systematized. The directions of increasing the efficiency and strengthening the regulatory potential of the state tax policy are proposed. An assessment of the tax burden on labor and consumption in 2001–2017 is carried out; a comparative analysis of the values of the corresponding indicators in Ukraine and the European Union member countries is carried out.

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Applied problems of motion of mechanical systems under action of power loadsApplied problems of motion of mechanical systems under action of power loads

General editorship: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ivan Nazarenko

Authors:  © Ivan Nazarenko, Leonid Pelevin, Oleksandr Kostenyuk, Oleg Dedov, Anatoly Fomin, Mykola Ruchynskyi, Anatoly Sviderskyi, Yevhen Mishchuk, Volodymyr Slipetskyi. 2019

ISBN 978-9949-7316-8-8 (Hardback)
ISBN 978-9949-7316-9-5 (eBook)



The monograph is devoted to the development of mechanical systems with dynamic effects on processing media. A new approach and methodology is proposed, taking into account the influence of energy fields of physical and me-chanical effects, the transformation and inversion of types of energy exposure. The model of dispersed media under consideration in the range of the process of destruction, grinding and compaction is considered. The revealed changes in the parameters of subsystems: working media, mechanical systems, the process-es of their interaction are studied based on the consideration of their stress-strain state. The analysis of combinations and their influence on the intensity of phy-sical and mechanical processes is carried out. 

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