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V correspondece scientific conference "The scientific results of 2016"

Date: December 25, 2016 (Kharkov, Ukraine).

Language: ukrainian, russian, english

Requirements to article: example.pdf (ukrainian)

Publication Fee: 70 EUR (includes print copy of journal and delivery)

Participation in the conference will provide you with the following features:
- Increase the number of citations of their publications;
- To carry out testing of the results of dissertation research;
- Sum up your research for the year 2016.

Conference Sections:
1. architecture
2. biological sciences
3. veterinary sciences
4. Military Science
5. geographical sciences
6. geological sciences
7. governance
8. historical sciences
9. Cultural
10. Medical Sciences
11. art history
12. pedagogical sciences
13. Political Science
14. psychological science
15. agricultural sciences
16. Social communication
17. sociological sciences
18. technical science
19. Pharmaceutical Science
20. The physical and mathematical sciences
21. Physical Education and Sport
22. The philosophical sciences
23. philological sciences
24. chemical sciences
25. economics
The jurisprudence
Submission article to email:
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